About Us

Our mission is to publish high-quality books and organize exploratory, creative events for children and teens to develop thinking and creativity, encourage them to dream and explore the world around them.

Our story... Close friends with similar values and a desire to ignite a spark of learning and exploring, cherished the idea of publishing books and organizing exploratory events for a few years until they founded the company 'ZSC' Ltd. - Science Synergy Centre, in 2022.

In 2022, in collaboration with Latvian author RIZIN, we published our first book - the scientific fairy tale – 'The Mission of Solu Juno Ori' Part 1. We aimed to raise the readers' interest in learning informally - to learn about the Earth and the Universe, explore the unknown, dare when faced with difficulties, create and laugh. The Mission's book includes - scientific facts about the Universe, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Earth that friends discover during their expeditions and funny situations that arise in the local community while managing everyday life, planning expeditions and celebrating holidays. Love, respect, helpfulness, generosity, forgiveness, honesty and humour prevail in the relationships between the book's characters. Through this book, we want readers, especially young readers, to observe and experience these good qualities in daily life and the greatest force in the Universe - Love.

The Mission book readers were interested if we would create a book version for younger readers – with more pictures and less text. We and the author loved this idea! As the Mission book's main characters say, thanks to the Universe - the artist of the Mission book - Gita Treice also was inspired and a new project started. Step by step, the second book - 'The Adventures of Solu Juno Ori' Part 1 - was created and published in 2023. The Adventure book is based on the motives of the Mission book. It follows 15 illustrated bilingual stories - to promote language learning – English in Latvia and Latvian in the diaspora. The book also includes pages for children's creative works - like real writers and artists - own works, in their books.

The author is happy for every reader - child and adult, who are dreamers at heart because when we dream, we rise as if above ground, see opportunities and solutions, search and learn, and have an interesting time…


In 2023, ZSC became a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the capmaign  “Let's raise Latvia!".


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