Synopsis of the RIZIN scientific fairy tale 'The Mission of Solu Juno Ori' Part 1

The scientific fairy tale follows the passages of the three beings of Light — Solu, Juno and Ori — sent on a secret mission to planet Earth.

Three friends live in the faraway Universe and are engaged in their daily activities sticking planets, documenting the life of the Universe, planning how to sew up black holes, listening to the music of the spheres and having fun... until Grandpa one of the main creators of the distant Universe calls them for a discussion. Grandpa has decided to send brave and energetic friends on a mission to save the planet Earth. They are not happy about this turn of events: having to transform into a human form, lose most of their spiritual abilities and abound the works they started.

The only one who occasionally dares to oppose Grandpa is his granddaughter Solu a real uneasy spirit for whom laws are not written. Solu is obsessed with the desire to acquire all kinds of knowledge in a large amount because the big dreamer hopes one day to rule one of the universes, so she is especially disappointed about going on a mission. Little Juno is also saddened by the expected mission, but is attached to Solu and ready to go wherever her friend goes. However, Ori is optimistic about the new task - there will be something to do on the distant planet. If it's a mission, then it's certain to be a good one!

They set off on their journey to the distant and dangerous planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Flying through space in their astroplane, the friends learn new words like 'cream', 'cottage cheese', 'butter', 'yogurt' and 'cheese' which are very popular among inhabitants of the planet. They discuss free Will, which could save them in the next hundred years.

After landing on Earth, they get to know the Earthlings, who have built unusual residential houses and live amicably in a self-made commune in a gorgeous, scenic place on the shore of a large lake. The new neighbours are very different and represent strange species. The green chatter, Tina is a frog-girl who is in the diamond business and has an opinion on absolutely everything and opposes absolutely everything. Tina's son Sonny has recently hatched from an egg that Tina found in her cabbage field. He is small, but nimble, observant and full of Love. Sissy is a capricious princess who has fled Planet Farss. She had grown tired of all that princess business she had to make so many decisions that her little head was always in a complete spin! Now she lives on Earth and runs her honey chocolate business. Dotty, a girl from Technoland, spends most of the day rummaging through the virtual world, she introduces the newcomers to Earthling technologies. Theo and Tui true Earthboys and rascals - constantly annoy Tina and, as it turns out, also engage in economic spying. Tina's absent-minded cousin, Praline, has a business which only he knows, but that doesn't stop him from meddling wherever he can. The polite mermaid, Unde, is the daughter of a sea ruler. She travels the world before her princess duties and has settled in a local lake for annual leave.

The peculiar Earthlings help their new friends to learn the subtle nuances of survival and behaviour on Earth, while the newcomers introduce Earthlings to the order and laws of the Universe. Every Earth day turns out to be full of surprises for newcomers. Together with Earthling friends, Solu, Juno and Ori experiment: they make a rainbow swing, watch the Northern Lights in the open-air cinema, film the funniest adventures and organize film premieres, celebrate holidays, search for fractals, create holograms etc.

Friends explore and learn about the Milky Way galaxy, the most interesting and strangest places on the Earth, and go on scientific expeditions to the Moon, Mars and Fars, Ceres, Saturn, Mercury, to Mr Hubble and the Light Dragon Eltar's planet. They create and use the latest super-technologies, travel through wormholes and portals by astroplane, hyperplane and toroplane both in the galaxy and inside the Earth Telos, explore the pyramids in Egypt and dive into the depths of the World's Ocean.

During the mission, Solu, Juno and Ori have to adapt to life on Earth. The friends find their own pursuits Solu becomes a scientist, Juno breaks into the film business, and Ori becomes a modern designer but from time to time they remember their true mission on Earth - to help to raise the Earth's vibrations and spread all-encompassing Love. They also teach this to their Earthling friends. And it's not for nothing - the friends experience changes in themselves and in their attitude towards others: it turns out that Sissy is no longer an ostentatious, capricious princess, but a noble being who cares a lot about her friends and the future of Fars, Theo and Tui stop spying for the sake of friendship, the friends learn to make peace and respect each other, Tina selflessly takes care of newcomers, although she sometimes disagrees with Solu. But Sonny's Love is growing, and with its help, he is able to create real miracles. Solu, Juno and Ori also come to an important conclusion: life on Earth is not so boring if the right company meets.


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