The Mission of Solu Juno Ori book series

The Mission of Solu Juno Ori is a book series of stories where the main characters explore the Universe, create technologies, celebrate, debate, have fun and discover that the greatest forces that rule in universes are Love, Will, Kindness and the way to the Light.

The books are being written to inspire readers to learn and create, to laugh at curious situations and to value relationships and inner changes.

  • The stories tell more and less known facts about the Universe, which friends discover during Milky Way galaxy expeditions - they learn about planets and black holes and visit the strangest and most interesting places on the Earth and inside it.
  • Friends spend their every day in colourful adventures, searching for answers to the unknown and discovering explanations of different processes and phenomena.
  • The dialogues use puns and unusual comparisons to help the reader understand difficult subjects and phenomena easier.
  • Dialogues contain well-known and somewhat forgotten Latvian sayings to highlight the diversity of the language.
  • The stories contain a lot of participles. Professionals say that it's useful when practising Latvian 😊.
  • New words are created and used to expand the imagination.
  • And, of course, fantasy is used to encourage creativity and dreaming - what was once fantasy may become reality.
  • Each character is created as a unique being with vivid character features, interests and a significant role in shared adventures.
  • Love, dignity, helpfulness, generosity, forgiveness, honesty and humour dominate their mutual relationships.

✨Children are attracted to loving attitudes towards parents, nature and knowledge.
✨Teens value scientific facts, phenomena and it's explanations, relationships and creative problem-solving.
✨Adults appreciate the language of the book's characters, full of humorous and atypical words and comparisons.

'The Mission of Solu Juno Ori' Part 1 was nominated for the book design competition 'The Golden Apple-tree 2022' in the category: books for adolescents.


The Adventures of Solu Juno Ori book series

The Adventures of Solu Juno Ori is a series of bilingual picture books for children aged 1.5 - 7 years to promote the learning process, language learning, reading skills, expand vocabulary and stimulate positive social skills. Pages are also dedicated to the creative works of readers - like real writers and artists - their own works, in their own book - being able to draw at the end of every book.

The picture book is based on the motives of the 'The Mission of Solu Juno Ori' Part 1.

Each story is wonderfully illustrated by Latvian artist Gita Treice.



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